Цели, надежды каждый раз ускользают..( А что, когда не видишь смысла во всем, какой прок?

There are many talks about good and evil. Good is the only thing worth talking. Some like curs or fidos are only good when they are at one with themselves. Things I went through cannot be wished to any man. I did not ask for trouble but couldn't avoid taking part in them and back up either. I live like in the darkness being at my place, suggesting no one can stand it calmly for a long period. No hope that some aim would burn your heart so that no fraims can line it. I can only hope that some day will put that dark sides behind me. Nothing can help but inside and there is no one who cares about. Nor the relative people nor youreself. So we gotta stand all by ourselves. Our experience is ours as well as feeling and occupation. No one is going to deal it with you and no support is observed or felt. Sense of doing something is dead in the case you understand that…. I can't help with the pressure like that. Where is the way out? (

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